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"My wife and I moved here right before the Coronavirus arrived. Being new to the area with Parkinson’s Disease and with everyone else being quarantined for Covid, we were feeling very isolated. We saw an open house ad for an active support group for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological problems.  I was somewhat skeptical, having been very active in a Parkinson’s support up in Ohio, but my wife encouraged me to check it out.  


Upon my arrival at the Open House, I had several people come up and introduce themselves. They were very friendly and easy to talk to. They demonstrated the classes they were offering. These included yoga, choir, boxing, stretching, chair yoga, chair aerobics, dance and even drumming. I was surprised to see so many different activities specifically designed for Parkinson’s offered in one place.  


In addition to keeping you physically active, they also offer a support group setting with participants sharing their experiences and knowledge, as well as, classes related to meditation and relaxation. They also sponsor seminars on the latest medications and developments in the Neuro field. 


I have been an active participant with this group for over a year now.  Besides keeping me moving, the companionship with this group of people is what I have come to enjoy and look forward to the most. This group cares about each other, shares their experiences with the many symptoms of Parkinson’s, share their knowledge of medications and local doctors.  I have made lifelong friends with people in this group.


Mind, Music & Movement has become a part of my daily life. It is one of the most helpful and enjoyable groups I’ve ever been a part of."

- Dan Ewbank, Student

"A newspaper article about the Mind, Music, Movement Foundation made me eager to try the classes. It seemed exactly what I needed to strengthen my body, sharpen my memory, improve my balance and gait, and have fun in the process.


I have MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), a very rare neurological disease with no cure or meds to prolong symptoms. Many in our class have Parkinson’s and a few with other disorders. My husband also enjoys participating in the program with me. The monthly charge for unlimited classes plus no charge for caregivers is much less than I formerly paid for 1 session 3 times a week prior to discovering this closely held secret.


A variety of classes with amazing teachers has helped me. The teachers adapt the classes to each person’s needs.  If more people knew about it, they would be eager to come and discover how Mind, Music and Movement could make a difference in their lives as it has in mine."

- Mary Llew Coulter, Student

“I love observing faces that enter my classes - noticing that much of the time they seem anxious, stressed or maybe a little down…then comparing that to the faces when class is finished - those faces often seem peaceful, joyful and content. It’s really rewarding for me to observe.”

- Holly Briscoe, Yoga Instructor

“The Mind, Music and Movement Foundation does incredible work and I am honored to be a part of it. Seeing how dance positively impacts our community has been nothing short of amazing. In addition to that, the people that are a part of our program are incredible individuals and I have enjoyed getting to know them. Our M3F Dance for Fluidity group feels like family and I love getting to dance with everyone every week!”  

- Libby Faber, Dance Instructor

“Beth & Steve have such love and dedication to M3F. It is wonderful to be around other like minded people who truly want to make a difference in the lives of those living with PD and their care partners. Their all encompassing programs are very refreshing.”

- Chanda Morra, Rock Steady Boxing Instructor

"...I want to let you know that when I got home last week after the chorus, my husband asked if I could go to chorus every day because he could hear me loud and clear..."

- Lynn, Student

“As a retired Neurologist, I know the challenges that persons with chronic neurologic disorders, their families, and caregivers face. That's what makes teaching mindfulness sessions for the Mind, Music, and Movement Foundation so rewarding and inspiring. It's an honor and privilege to be part of M3F and to be of service to their clients.”

- Gus Castellanos, Meditation Teacher

"The Mind, Music, and Movement Foundation has been a positive impact on me personally, as I continue to get to know each of the singers. I love the special moments when singers share how the featured song lyrics are meaningful to them. I also have enjoyed the small jokes, personal stories, and banter that happen between the musical moments." 

- Meghan Hanley, Music Therapist

“I have been teaching dance to those as young as 3 and as old as 93. I never imagined teaching dance to those inflicted by Parkinson's or neurological disorders along with their aids and spouses would have brought me such happiness and fulfillment. Dance is vital to keeping the mind and body fit for everyone. But to those afflicted with these diseases…just getting out of bed is a struggle. Yet, they show up with smiles on their faces. Dancing and just moving to the beat of the “old classics” is perhaps the best medicine of all. Absolutely LOVE what I do and love each and everyone of them.”

- Shari Stafford, Movement Instructor

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