Our Story

Beth Elgort, MSW

Founder & CEO

Beth is a Social Worker that made her way from New York to Florida. She has Certifications in Education, Integrative Nutrition, ISSA fitness and MADD Dog Spin. Her passion in life has always been to help people be the best version of themselves. She believes that one can achieve that when they live a healthy lifestyle incorporating fluidity with movement, music, and self-awareness.

Beth had been the Program Director for a Psychiatric In-Patient Child Adolescent Program in New York and had private practices in NYC and Long Island. She has served on various boards and continues to dedicate her time to helping others in her community.


Ten years ago her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Beth was on a mission to find the best support services to help her husband live well until a cure is discovered.


Beth had a dream four years ago, to open a center for people with neurodegenerative diseases. Her vision was to create a space that could be a home away from home for clients and their family.


She has worked with the Parkinson’s Foundation and Scripps Research to have her vision come to life.  It has been her life’s work to give of herself to others and bring joy into their lives.   


This organization will offer music, yoga, art, functional training and movement, nutritional counseling, support services, resources, as well as fun and educational events.


Beth lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with her magical husband Steve, Mr. Benny The Dog, and has amazing family back in New York. When you meet Beth you will feel her PASSION and LOVE...and it’s contagious! The Mind Music Movement Foundation will be your home away from home…