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An Exciting NEW Dance Program


Created to assist with
Balance and Movement

Mind, Music, and Movement Foundation's "Dance for Fluidity" is designed to promote a creative, mind-body connection that can help delay the progression of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases with music, dance, camaraderie and fun.

This class can also help just about anyone with balance or movement issues. 

All levels welcome and no dance experience required.

Our dance instructors are from Ballet Palm Beach, where they believe “dance is for everyone.” Through their generosity of studio space, our Dance for Fluidity class is available every Monday from 1PM-2PM at Ballet Palm Beach, 10357 Ironwood Rd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. (The first class began June 21st.)

Ready to dance and have some fun? Come join us! The first class is free. Call 561-336-0902 or email to register.


Ballet Palm Beach
10357 Ironwood Rd.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Another live in-person class


We have weekly rehearsals every Thursday from 1PM-2PM. Our chorus sessions focus on the voice, breathing and facial muscles to improve confidence, volume, diction and the breath. 


If you can sing in the shower you sing with our group. Family and friends are always welcomed. This class is offered live in-person at Ballet Palm Beach or virtually (join us from anywhere in the world).

Call 561-336-0902 or email to register. 

For a full list of our virtual classes and online registration, click here.

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