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David Cote

Music Therapist

David Cote is a board-certified music therapist. He earned his B.M. in Music Therapy with a minor in psychology in 2021 from the University of Miami. Born in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, David began taking guitar lessons when he was 10 years old and picked up the trombone soon after. After falling in love with making music in concert bands, orchestras, and rock bands throughout his early education years, when he was in high school, David decided to pursue a career in music therapy, thus combining his love for music, interest in psychology, and passion for helping others. David’s therapeutic approach is very person centered while also drawing from the evidenced-based Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) focus from his undergraduate education.
Apart from music, David is interested in mindfulness/meditation, and other forms of wellness. He loves to swim, play video games, spend time with his friends and loved ones, and be outside in nature (when it’s not too hot!).

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