Ceci Lester

PTA, LMT, C-IAYT Movement Specialist, LSVT BIG Certified

Cecilia Lester is a licensed physical therapist assistant, licensed massage therapist, certified yoga therapist and holds a BA in psychology from Florida International University. Ms. Lester has facilitated the physical, mental and emotional healing of people after traumatic injury, major surgeries and those suffering from chronic pain and neurological conditions through this integrated therapeutic approach. Ceci serves as faculty for several yoga schools and is the lead teacher for the Yoga Community of Florida. Profoundly curious about the human body and strategies to reduce suffering has led Ceci on an adventure as an avid student of healing modalities. Ceci offers her wisdom with the gift of humor and love of movement.

“The only thing I love more than eating is dancing. Or is it more dancing than eating? Okay, I just love both.”